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100% Beef.

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Our Burgers are made of 100% natural, additive-free, and preservative-free halal beef – always. We maintain a solid and constant commitment to sourcing fresh ingredients from similar-thinking local producers, who deliver our ingredients daily. We always use freshly ground beef, and all-natural lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles- every day.

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Special Texas Burgers

It”s simple…the best things in life are natural. Our new signature spicy burger (the Hell Burger) 100% beef patty with zero additives or preservatives, seasoned with salt, pepper, and all the fixings on a freshly baked bun, and drizzled with our fiery Hell Sauce for a truly heated experience. Try it on it”s own, Visit our closest Texas Burger location.

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Texas Chicken Burger New Locations.

Our New Location Is Coming Soon! And Yeah, We”re Excited! Watch Out for the nearest Texas Chicken & Burger locations in Philadelphia, New York, NJ, and in your area

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