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One of our new members explains how to use the app to make purchases on “buy now, pay later” installments

Posted by Myti on Sunday, July 19, 2020


1. What are the requirements to become a member?

To become a member, first you pay deposit for phone on delivery. Once you have the phone you can begin making orders on credit.

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2. Can I pay on delivery?

Yes, you can

3. Are services available outside of Nairobi?

For now, we are only in Nairobi and Nanyuki/Timau. We will share on Facebook when we expand.

4. How do I place orders?

Once you become a member, you will be given a phone with the app preinstalled. You can use the app to make orders.

5. What products do you have?

We have over 2,000 products including electronics, appliances, foodstuffs, farm inputs, building materials and more.

6. How will my orders be delivered?

After you place the order, one of our partners will deliver the product to a nearby agent within 2-4 days. You will be contacted by phone to confirm your order.

7. Do you have a physical shop?

We have partner delivery agents located across the country, but is an online shop. We do not have any physical branches.

8. What do I do if I receive a damaged item or items are missing from my order?

You can return any damaged items or report missing items within 24 hours of delivery for a full refund.

9. If I don’t see a product I want on the app, can you add it?

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Yes, you can send us a message on our Facebook page and we’ll try to add it for you.

10. What are the features and specifications of the phone?


11. Do you have other phones?

For now we have only Samsung Galaxy A11 in our stock

12. Does the phone come with a warranty?

Yes, 12 month warranty

13. Is the phone new or used?

The phone is new

14. What is the payment process?

For Spark5 you pay 4999 deposit on delivery and then monthly 1999 for 6 monthsFor eCommerce orders, you pay in 3 equal installments. First instalment 5 days after order, second 35 days after order, final 65 days after order

15. How do I make payments?

You make payments by MPESA to paybill number 47 77 88 you account number is your national ID number

16. How do I confirm how much to pay?

You can check within the app by pressing the payment button.

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17. What happens if I fail to pay?

You will incur daily late fees based on the amount overdue. These amounts will be sent to you by SMS daily. If you do not pay for a long period of time, we will remotely lock your phone and/or refer your account to auctioneers to collect unpaid items.

18. Can my credit limit be increased?

If you make your payments on time, your credit limit can be increased. You can send us a Facebook message with your account number to request an increase.

19. How do I refer a friend or colleague?

Send us a Facebook message with your account number and contacts for your referral. If they become a member, make another order over Ksh 1,000 and make their first installment payment, your account will be credited with Ksh 500 for each referral.

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20. What Data does collect and how does it use that data?

We comply to all standards defined by regulatory bodies, Detailed Explanation can be found on our Privacy Policy Page

21. Are there any Terms of Service or Use I need to follow?

We have defined a proper set of Terms to help you browse smoothly on our App and website. All the details can be found on our Terms of Use Page is a subsidiary of SunCulture. SunCulture’s vision is to build a world where people take control of their environment in rewarding, sustainable ways. Many Big Industry leaders like Microsoft and Shell Corporation have come in support the larger cause. We do this by developing and commercializing life-changing technology that solves the biggest daily challenges for the world’s 570m smallholder farming households.


Rural finance is poised for a paradigm shift in the 21st century. Africa is the largest growing market for rural banking and, by providing rural communities the digital tools they need, they will access better, more profitable products and services.That is why we are building, an easy-to-use, fast-expanding mobile banking application that connects rural consumers to the world of online purchasing on credit. The impact of increase in access to financial services is enormous. According to a recent World Bank report, people in developing countries gain more than a billion dollars annually because of financial inclusion. However, despite these gains, financial inclusion remains a reality for the minority. Just 35% of Africanshave full access to the financial system.

New technologies such as mobile banking and digital payments have brought financial services to millions of rural consumers across Africa, creating an opportunity to build on this momentum. We are building to harness the power of a new generation of financial technologies to open up opportunities inbanking and credit for rural households in Africa, starting with Kenya, where rural consumers spend $20 billion annually.

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eCommerce financing companies like Affirm in the US, Klarna inEurope, and AfterPay in Australia are leading the way to helpconsumers breakup online purchases into simple installments. This trend is growing globally, and players in Kenya like LipaLater and Aspira are taking advantage with a focus on urban areas. has a unique opportunity to succeed by focusing on the relatively untapped rural market. In Africa, household consumption is predicted to reach $2.5 trillion by 2030, and consumption in rural areas is growing at 1.5 times the rate as in urban areas in some countries.

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In Kenya, there is a rural population of 36 million, many of whom are organized in groups with contract companies (VegPro, Meru Greens), SACCOs, or cooperatives (Milk, Fruits, Vegetables, Tea, etc.). We will initially target 1.3mil rural customers enrolled in agriculture coops, 500,000 tea farmers, and 100,000 farmers in contract companies.’s technology provides a sustainable competitive advantage. Our proprietary serverless core banking, order management and offline-first mobile eCommerce CMS is purpose-built for the rural consumer. Secure mobile device management tools remotely enforce repayment by locking defaulter smartphones, ensuring industry-leading repayment rates. Lastly, our unique dataset of purchase history paired with repayment data powers credit models to increase spending limits for qualified customers.

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