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Vinh Hoang Hotel

Vinh Hoang 4-star hotel has been opened to guests since 2017 and is now one of the highest building in the Dong Hoi City. The hotel is located in Truong Phap street on the side of Nhat Le beach. From Vinh Hoang, guests can take advantage of enjoying the fascinating views of the whole Dong Hoi city center included historical Nhat Le river, Bau Tro Lake, Bao Ninh Island.

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Khách sạn Vĩnh Hoàng Quảng Bình


50 M²


With over modern 144 guestrooms with the outstanding views, having the infinity pool with charming bar in the rooftop, authentic Vietnam meals in the signature restaurant and some other services including massage, karaoke, etc, Vinh Hoang 4-star hotel can bring you the most authentic Quang Binh experiences with the moments of joyful, relaxation, and happiness.

Whatever your interests, Vinh Hoang 4-star hotel is here to ensure your stay is all at once glamorous, yet refined and sophisticated. Vinh Hoang hotel believed that that one of the most transformational experiences of travel is connecting to the locals who give the area personality. We are here, the locals, bring our authentic whole-life experience to create connections that make you feel like Quang Binh is your hometown.

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Nhat Le Restaurant

The beachfront Nhat Le Restaurant is located in the Vinh Hoang Hotel. At Nhat Le Restaurant, we are offering a seasonal selection of natural gourmet cuisine cooked by freshest premium ingredients from the local market. We are making all efforts to bring our guests different experiences of foods’ adventure, either exploring the authentic Vietnamese foods or the fueling the missing of your home country with bread and butter from Eastern cultures.

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Café on Top

Launching since 2017, Café on Top has evolved to become one top coffeehouse in Dong Hoi city. Known for its signature and overwhelming views from the top of the city, Café on top offered a wonderfully intimate atmosphere ideal for friends, families, special events, private parties. Located in the top of the hotel, 16-floor, Café on top features an exciting and creative menu, catering to even the most discerning of drinks. Here we are offering hand-crafted signature cocktails providing unlimited options.

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Massage & Karaoke

Be our guests at Vinh Hoang Spa & Massage and experience total relaxation with one of our signature massage treatments. We are offering massage, facial and body treatments to rejuvenate your spirit. The massage is designed to help you achieve total relaxation, improve skin and muscle tone, increase circulation, and remove toxins from the body. Indulge with our relaxing treatments and reach a state of renewal for your mind and body.

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Meeting & Conference

Whatever you’re planning, Vinh Hoang Meeting & Conference have applause worthy resources and teams of professionals. With capacity hosting up to 300 guests at the same time, we designed to provide complete relaxation and convenience, you find thoughtful amenities throughout our guest rooms. We and our catering teams can also work with you to plan a completely customizable menu.

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