35 Team Building Activities Your Team Will Actually Love, Team Building: What Is It

Team Building Activities Singapore

Planning corporate team building activities Singapore or team building games can be pretty stressful and frustrating. There are many different factors that you need to consider in your planning process, such as suitability of team building activities, finding a venue, meeting your company budget and scheduling.

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You want your colleagues to enjoy the team building activities and have fun interacting with one another.

Here’s a carefully curated list of the top 40 unique corporate team building activities for 2020, with pricing for each activity (for team sizes ranging from 5 – 30 pax)!

We’ve also categorised them into 5 different types; Virtual, Creative, Adventure, Strategy, Fun and Fit, to guide you in finding the perfect team building games, be it physical or virtual or even both. 

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1) Virtual Escape Room – Escape as a team
2) Virtual Amazing Race – Race as a team
3) Virtual Food Quest – Explore cuisines as a team
4) Virtual Time Travel – Time travel as a team
5) Virtual Travel Experience – Travel virtually as a team
6) Virtual Terrarium Workshop with your team
7) Virtual Art Jamming with your team
8) Virtual Leather Making Workshop with your team
9) Virtual Clay Making Workshop with your team
10) Virtual Party Mania with your team
11) Virtual Nightfall – Compete as a team
12) Virtual Saberfit – Workout with your team
13) Terrarium Workshop with your team
14) Art Jamming on Canvas & Tote Bags with your team
15) Candle Making Workshop with your team
16) Leather Workshop – Leather Crafting with your team
17) Clay Making Workshop with your team
18) Cooking Class with your team
19) Flower Arrangement Workshop with your team
20) Ninja Tag – Compete as a team
21) Bubble Soccer Singapore – Play as a team
22) Poolball – Compete as a team
23) Escape Room – Escape as a team
24) Saber Tag – Compete as a team
25) Laser Tag – Compete as a team
26) Combat Archery with your team
27) Bullet Strike – Compete as a team
28) Paintball Singapore with your team
29) Cosmic Bowling – Bowl with your team
30) Giant Board Games – Play with your team
31) Giant Whack A Mole
Compete as a team
32) Amazing Race with your team
33) Go-Kart – Race your team!
– Work out as a team
35) Boxing Fitness with your team
36) Trampoline Singapore – Play as a team
37) Dragon Boat with your team
38) Kayaking with your team
39) Cycling Tour with your team
40) Island Tour with your team

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1) Virtual Escape Room – Escape as a team


Image retrieved from The Fun Empire

Amazing Race is a fun team building activity that takes you and your team around different locations in Singapore to complete a set of unique challenges.

Teams will travel from checkpoint to checkpoint, and have to complete each challenge before proceeding to the next checkpoint.

The eventual winning team is the first team to reach the final destination point the fastest at the end of this team bonding Singapore experience!

Requiring a great deal of teamwork and communication, this is a great team bonding activity for your corporate team bonding day!

Address: The Fun Empire, 5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685

Timing: Available 7 days a week

Price: $55+ / Pax

Love Formula 1 Racing or fast cars? Go-Kart is the ideal team building activity for you!

Race your colleagues in specially designed Go-Kart cars to see who has the best speed driving skills! Team members get to select their desired track ranging from the world renowned international racing track to karting arena track.

Participants with a valid driver’s license get to choose faster Go-Kart cars, while non-drivers will have to drive slower Go-Kart cars.

Have fun manoeuvring the different twists and turns on the track as you attempt to come in first!

A great choice for a corporate team building day!

Timing: Available 7 days a week

Price: $53+ / Pax


Phone: +65 6515 4146 / +65 6816 1998


Energise and get active with power activities that will keep you and your colleagues in tip-top shape. Feel more alive and be involved with the thrilling escapade.

Address: Can be held in any location across Singapore

Timing: Available 7 days a week

Price: $20+ / Paxfor a 1 hour SaberFit fitness session

Phone: +65 6515 4146 / +65 6816 1998

35) Boxing Fitness with your team

If you’re in for a good work out and always wanted to try out boxing, you can consider a session of Boxing Fitness for your team building Singapore event. Participants will get to punch on specially designed Aqua Training Bags that do not hurt your hands, as compared to regular sand bags. If you are interested to learn some basic boxing moves and techniques, the activities they provide could be a good fit for your company’s team building activities.

Address: Box Office Fitness, 35 North Canal Road, Level 3, Singapore 059291

Price: $38+ / Pax

Trampoline is a fun team bonding workout that consists of basically bouncing. If you are not one who usually goes for physically intensive activities, going to Trampoline parks is a great excuse to finally do one. Feel like a child again and jump your hearts out whilst working out your body. Trampoline can be one of the more exciting team building activities.

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Escape gravity, bounce off walls and catapult yourself into the air atTrampoline Singapore throughThe Fun Empire. It is a great chance to release all the pent up stress from work and have a ton of fun with colleagues during your team building Singapore.

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Address: The Fun Empire, 5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685

Timing: Available 7 days a week

Price: $38+ / Pax

If you prefer a water sport activity that directly involves effort and muscle power from a big group of people, Dragon Boating is the way to go. Dragon boat as an accessible and team-oriented activity that provides the opportunity for a diverse range of people to find out about each other. It bridges communication gaps by developing strong and supportive relationships.

Compete with one another and have a blast through The Fun Empire as they organise your very own team building activities. The Fun Empire’s Standard Dragon Boat Package includes a minimum group size of 15 pax with available add-ons to consider for the perfect corporate team building session.

Address: 5B Guillemard Road, Level 3 Wing Fong Building, Singapore 399685

Price: $45+ / Pax

Phone: +65 6515 4146 / +65 6816 1998

If you’ve had enough of team building activities on land, consider taking part in team building games such as water sports activities like kayaking. Cutting through the water powered by your own muscles and feeling the cool water on your hands relieves stress, clears your mind and will make you happy. Pair up and get personal with a colleague you’ve been wanting to get to know more on a kayak. Since kayaking is accessible to everyone, it is a great way to bond with teammates and have fun.

Water Sports Centre at the Singapore Sports Hub offers a variety of canoes and kayaks for rent. Boat Rental Rates for usually start from $12/pax (Non-peak) and $14/pax (Peak) for 2 Hours and $26/pax (Non-peak) and $30/pax (Peak) for Full Day. Spend your team building Singapore session in the water today.

Address: 8 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397699

Timing:Weekdays: 7am – 5pm (Non-peak), 5pm – 7pm (Peak) Weekends & PH: 7am – 7pm (Peak)

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Price: $12+ / Pax

Phone: +65 6653 8900



Explore and uncover the hidden gems of Singapore. Building teamwork and experiences as a company will never be more fun than participating in activities that quench your thirst for adventure.

39) Cycling Tour with your team

Tour Singapore like a tourist but on a bike! Experience a cycling tour with colleagues and create unforgettable memories as one of your team building activities. Cycling together through your home city while taking in the sights will surely stick with you. In contrast to the busy work life, spending a day outdoors surrounded by nature and cityscapes with people that you work with will surely develop stronger connections.

Split into groups of 8 riders to 1 guide or more with Let’s Go Bike! Singapore. Their cycling tour package provides participants with helmets, rain ponchos, bottled water, wet/dry tissue and more. Take a private cycling tour with your company for your next team bonding now.

Address: Block 462, Crawford Lane, #01-57, Singapore 190462

Timing: Differs per tour

Price: $60+ / Pax

Can’t ride a bike? No worries. Island tours by bus or on foot can also be as fun and memorable as a bike tour. Explore the heritage, history, and culture of Singapore like no other. No matter how long you’ve been in Singapore, you’ll always learn something new! Going on a tour with people pushes you to converse and share experiences with one another as you’ve never done before at work. Build on team work by understanding and getting to know more about your co-workers. Create funny memories together now with an Island Tour as one of your team building activities.

Jane’s SG Tours specialise in customised experiences for corporate organisations and associations. You can choose tours from Singapore’s iconic modern architecture, a market-to-table Foodie Adventure or a historic tour.

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Price: $75+ / Pax


Phone:+65 94770606 (Text or WhatsApp)

Team Bonding Singapore

Need help in planning for your next team building Singapore session? Having trouble choosing between the team building games stated above? Engage The Fun Empire today. Check them out here.

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