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It is a wooden house. The wooden house is located deep in a quite steep cliff, surrounded by a quiet garden, completely erected wooden and has many romantic windows at night and full of sunshine in the morning.For everyone, traveling is not only about exploring but it is also a time for them to find a quiet place. Come to Le Bleu Homestay”s The Valley – a beautiful two-story bungalow in the midst of the hills near the city center, sunny day, cool afternoon, romantic ambience, clear and fresh … will help you escape the hustle and bustle of the city, living the easiest, most peaceful days.The house has only two bedrooms. The first room only has one double bed, located on the ground floor, adjacent to the kitchen, living room and toilet outside. The second room on the first floor and is led up by a wooden staircase. This room has private toilet.The second room is quite comfortable for four people.In the garden, there is an aquarium, a long table under the cherry tree, where you can gather with your friends, or around the charcoal stove to enjoy the BBQ party prepared themselves. Each other can enjoy with a glass of wine, a feeling only in Da Lat.You are not only traveling but also living in the house which is decorated art, between romantic space in Dalat.If you travel with a group from 4 to 6 peoples, you should rent both upper and lower rooms, so the group can use the kitchen, living room and garden to BBQ. If you just travel with 2 people, you should choose room upstairs to use of space where you can take some beautiful photo with your friends.This homestay is convenient because it is near the airport and Big C. You can go to the supermarket or local market to buy ingredients ,cook and prepare party with friends by yourself.

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