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Experience Thailand in a Personal Way

The Thailand Homestay Program is an amazing cultural exchange opportunity where a Thai individual or family hosts a native English speaker who lives in their home. The Thailand Homestay Program offers clients the fantastic opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the Thai culture and lifestyle while simultaneously changing the host’s life forever.

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Benefits of a Thailand Homestay


The host gets the opportunity to use English all the time. The host can learn to communicate effectively with native speakers in a natural setting. Second, living with a family provides a quiet atmosphere for you to treat yourself to a slower pace of life. Third, a Thailand homestay exposes people to a variety of cultural learning opportunities, such as family activities, holiday celebrations, religious practices, sporting events, etc. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a Thailand homestay often results in people developing deep, lasting friendships with their host families, a rare and wonderful thing.

What to Expect in Your Thailand Homestay Program


You should expect to be provided with your basic needs including your own room, food and space to work. During your time with your host family, they will assist you in becoming familiar with the local area and customs in a relaxed and friendly household setting. You should also share information about your home country and culture. This will both help you to feel comfortable and allow your host to understand you a little better.

Living with a family requires a kind of cooperation that may involve some personal sacrifices. A homestay volunteer becomes more a member of the family than a guest. As a result, families may have certain expectations of students such as participation in family activities, cleaning their rooms, keeping reasonable hours, communicating clearly with the family, and occasionally helping with cooking and other household chores.

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 Requirements for Thailand Homestay Program

The homestay participant must provide tutor or classroom conversational English up to 15 hours a week to help family members (and their students if family member is Teacher) to improve their English. A timetable will be worked out between the tutor and host family upon arrival. The rest of the tutor’s time is considered free time and can be spent as he or she pleases.

Other Thailand Homestay Expectations Include

Speak English in the homestay. Homestay is an English-only zone.Obey the hosts’ Household Rules.Keep yourself, your clothes, your room, your linens, and your bathroom clean.Be on time to homestay meals and events. If you cannot make dinner, call before 12:00P.M (noon) to cancel.Help clean up after meals and behave like a thoughtful housemate with regards to day to day chores such as taking out the garbage, etc.Always lock the house when entering or exiting.Never smoke in the house. Ask the family members where they would prefer you smoke as it may be off premises.If you break something, fairly pay your host to replace or repair it.

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Accommodation for Your Thailand Homestay


The host family will provide free room and board during the tutor’s entire stay. The host family must be able to offer a separate room with furniture within the family house or apartments. The tutor must be able to share all relevant family rooms and have access to bathroom/shower etc. The tutor must be provided with two full meals per day. The host family must make sure that the tutor can participate in daily family life.

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