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Xe đưa đón sân bay. Có dịch vụ đưa đón sân bay đi kèm phụ phí. Bạn có thể yêu cầu dịch vụ này trong bước kế tiếp. Xe đưa đón sân bay
Green Garden Homestay

97 Dong Van Cong, An Thoi, Binh Thuy, Cần Thơ, Việt Nam – Vị trí tuyệt vời – Hiển thị bản đồ

Sau khi đặt phòng, tất cả thông tin của chỗ nghỉ, như số điện thoại và địa chỉ, sẽ được cung cấp trong thư xác nhận đặt phòng và trong tài khoản của bạn.

Cảm ơn homestay,cảm ơn người đã tạo ra cảnh vật làm mình nhớ lại thập niên 80 tuổi thơ của mình

Cô chú chủ nhà thân thiện, dễ chịu, mến khách. Được cô chú cho ăn trái cây do nhà trồng rất ngon, còn được pha cho ấm trà mỗi tối để nhâm nhi nữa chứ ????. Không gian vườn mát mẻ, trong lành.

An absolutely amazing stay with the friendliest most helpful hosts ever that went above and beyond to help and an absolutely amazing induvidual tour with Peace around floating market and cacao farm. The rooms are rustique but spacious. Lovely dog, very nice gardens, great breakfast, hammocks on the porch, mosquitonets around bed, nice evening tea, great restaurant next door.

Best part about the homestay were the owners and the staff, they were so very friendly and helpful! We ate at the homestay two days in a row and even had the opportunity to help with the cooking and get a bit of a cooking class 😉 Peace, one of the employees, took us on a tour to the floating markets which was absolutely amazing! We would highly recommend that! Our room was spacious, we had a little porch with two hammocks and got some free fruits, tea and coconut cakes throughout our stay. We felt so very welcome here and even got some gifts when we left. We would definitively come back here!

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Very friendly and helpful family. Lovely service. Nice breakfast. Tea arrives just when required. Two brothers spoke very good English and led some great tours locally. All very lovely.

We felt a part of the family. We were welcomed each day with yummy food, drinks and smiles. We loved our time in Can Tho. It was a real highlight of our trip to Vietnam. The owners hold a special place in our heart, it was wonderful to connect with them as people even across the language barrier. Peace our guide and interpreter is an impressive young man whom we loved chatting with. Thank you for sharing your life with us Peace! We only wished we had been able to visit your hometown and meet your family. Please ring us if you ever come to New Zealand! And of course the garden was stunning!!

Wauw, it was a perfect stay! Hospitality level is very high! It is a real homestay and they make you feel like it is your own home. She cooks realy great and they help and advice you to make your stay more fantastic. You MUST visit this place! Thanks for all! 🙂

Apart from matrasses everything was great. Would absolutely recommend! Super friendly staff that provide a lovely fresh breakfast, tea in the afternoon when you come back and the rooms have everything you need (eg shampoo, showergel, soap, towels, toothbrush!) Special thanks to Peace, who helps the owners out, since their english is not that good. Peace is also an amazing guide. Good english and can answer all your questions. Has 2 'standard' tours, of which we did one and he tailormade a tour for us, in which we went to a coconut farm and visited his family. His mom made us a delicious Vietnamese lunch. Best food we have had so far! Ended the tour at the stork sanctuary, wow! Also helped us with further travels eg. booked all our tickets and made sure we had all the info we needed. Do make sure you bring earplugs though, roosters can be loud in the early morning 🙂


Hà Lan

Lovely owners and warm welcome. We really enjoyed our tour with Michael who shared amazing insights about Vietnamese culture with us.


Tây Ban Nha

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We had a great trip for floating markets with the guide Peace, he is very nice and speaks good English. He also helped us find the food in the evening (which wasn't easy for us as body here speaks English) and with the taxi and bus tickets.

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