What To Eat In Busan, South Korea: 8 Must, Busan Korean Food

Busan is well known to have delicious local and specialty food that you can only taste in Busan. Main food are the very fresh raw fish called “Hoe,” Dwaeji Gukbap (pork soup), Milmyeon (wheat noodle in a cold chicken or beef broth) and Ssiat Hotteok (sweet pancake with seed). Please do visit all the restaurants and places recommended by local Koreans here in Busan.
The largest fish market in Korea. The market was set up during Korean War (1950-1953) and is mostly run by women called “Jagalchi Ajumma.” This a great place to discover new species of seafood you've never seen before, to know more about people from Busan, eat delicious fresh seafood in the restaurants located next to the market and have great views of the port and the surrounding hillside.

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This is a street filled with Pork soup and Kalguksu (noodle) restaurants along with street food such as tteokbokki (rice cake), dumpling, pajeon (Korean pancake). Best for those who want to try all kinds of food in Busan.
Ssiat Hotteok (Seed fried pancake) is an original Busan's street food. It got more famous when it was aired on KBS TV Show “1 Day 2 Nights.” It's sweet and super delicious!
Milmyeon is Busan's famous local food which is basically wheat noodle with meat broth, somewhat similar to Naengmyun. It is especially popular during the summer time.
Dwaeji Gukbap (Pork Soup) is Busan's Specialty Food, and this restaurant is the most popular pork soup place in Busan. You'll always be faced with a very long line but the taste is definitely guaranteed.

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Opened in 1948, “No.18 Wandang House” is a famous restaurant of 60 years' tradition in Nampo-dong. It offers Wandang, which is similar to mandu, or traditional Korean dumplings with 12 hours brewed anchovy soup.
Designated as the No.1 Folk Restaurant in Busan and with a four generation history, Dongnae Halmae Pajeon offers the most delicious Pajeon (Korean pancake) made of rice flour, seafood and fresh green onions.

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Located in the north end of Gwangalli Beach, Millak Raw Fish Town (Millak Hoe Town) is a 10 story building with a fish market on the first floor and restaurants on the upper levels. It is one of Busan’s premier raw fish markets.


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