Most Amazing Buffet Review, Restaurants In Ho Chi Minh City

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I used to be obsessed with the food and Vietnamese coffee. But once I have had my fill over a few trips, I begin to question if that is all there is to Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. One thing that I was constantly disappointed with my Vietnam trips was shopping.

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I love shopping, but haven’t been able to score any good buys in both HCMC and Hanoi. I’ve heard of Vietnam being a big garment manufacturer, but I’ve not come across any shops or factories.

Fortunately for this trip, my stay in District 5 unveiled more of what Ho Chi Minh has to offer!

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Also known as “Cholon“, District 5 is Vietnam’s largest Chinatown with roots dating back to 1778 where Chinese migrants sought refuge from oppression, eventually settling down and inter-marrying locals. The assimilation brought about cross-cultural dynamics evident in daily life, religious pursuits, cuisine and the arts, at the same time maintaining the distinctive authentic Vietnamese culture.

Sounds a bit like our Melaka Baba Nyonya story yes?

Chùa Một Cột Ở Đâu – Chùa Một Cột Nằm Ở Đâu
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