Ivy Moda And Elle Launch Common Collections, Vietnam: Ivy Moda New Tom & Jerry Collection

IVY moda, in collaboration with ELLE, will launch their latest exclusive fashion collections called “ELLE x IVY moda-Parisian Mode” for the 2017-2018 Fall Winter season in Vietnam.

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The “ELLE x IVY moda-Parisin Mode” will be in Vietnamese shops in 2017-2018

This was announced by a representative of the two brands at a press conference organised on October 4 to publicise information about the collaboration as well as the date of launching the collections. Accordingly, these collection will be introduced consecutively from October 16, 2017, limited at certain selected IVY moda showrooms.

The designs of the collection have been inspired and carefully selected by ELLE magazine (France)”s fashion editor and ELLE Boutique’s artistic advisor Tamara Taichman. In addition, IVY moda”s best designers have harmoniously modified their top trends to create a line-up more suitable for Vietnamese women. This unique synergy will result in exclusive outfits that can only be found at ELLE x IVY moda.

“A leading fashion brand, in addition to providing quality products, we always aim to bring exciting fashion experiences to our customers. The ELLE x IVY moda cooperation is an excellent opportunity for our customers to feel and touch the world fashion trends, right here in Vietnam and at IVY fashion,” said Nguyen Vu Anh, chairman of IVY moda.

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Choosing the themes of women’s elegance and the effortless chic style of Paris, ELLE magazine”s hometown and the cradle of contemporary fashion, Parisian Mode will consist of six mini collections, showing the most highlighted trends for the 2017- 2018 Fall Winter season, with numerous attractive themes, namely Military Chic, Swinging MOD, Alice in Wonderland, Rock Attitude, and Boyfriend’s Wardrobe, among others.

Behind this powerful partnership, the unique visual presentation of the campaign images will be produced by one of the most renowned fashion figures in the industry, Dzung Yoko, creative director of ELLE Magazine Vietnam. 

An international brand, ELLE always has extremely strict requirements. The collaboration with this well-known partner proves a turning point in IVY moda”s new strategy, which is to bring fashion closer to local connoisseurs and to confirm the quality of Vietnamese fashion against foreign brands, taking our market by storm.

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On the other hand, this cooperation also shows ELLE”s ambition to have its image covered to market its brand to Vietnamese retailers when collaborating with a name familiar in Vietnam which has a large system of nation-wide stores, agents, and dominant market share for many years.

“As a reputable name in the fashion industry, ELLE”s mission is to find and spread new trends. With a highly potential market like Vietnam, we are glad to find a worthy partner like IVY moda. The collaboration of the two brands or two fashion personalities to introduce a common collection is a popular trend in the world, but a first in Vietnam. I highly expect that ELLE x IVY moda will give Vietnamese customers an unparalleled fashion experience,” said Preeyarat Suttapattanon, general manager of ELLE in Southeast Asia Lagardere Active Enterprises, Thailand.

IVY moda is considered a pioneer in the Vietnamese fashion market since this is the first time a local fashion brand has entered a strategic and comprehensive collaboration with a famous world-class brand. With a more than seventy-year history in fashion starting from a fashion magazine, ELLE is a top of mind leader to fashionistas worldwide.

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Being named as one of the “Fashion Bibles,” ELLE always represents contemporary fashion trends and delicate taste. On the side, IVY moda has also succeeded in becoming the most prominent fashion brand in Vietnam. With a wide range of showrooms and diverse product portfolios, IVY moda holds a significant market share in the Vietnamese fast fashion market.

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The two brands have two distinct personalities, but share the same endless passion for fashion and style. This collaboration will give fashion connoisseurs an enjoyable experience as they can easily and conveniently reach strong Parisian style costumes sporting a free-spirited and elegant style, yet very accessible at IVY moda.

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